Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do you remember?

Let's bring it back! :)
Yeah! Bringing back the classic, sassy look.

The beige and black checkered blazer.
From my sister. I love how this piece makes a statement. It makes me feel like an office girl, a chic one of course!
The beige and black knitted purse.
This bag is my sister-in-laws'. It added a chic vibe on my outfit that's why I borrowed it from her.
The basic black leggings.
Got it from a bazaar. I don't use pants anymore. I go for leggings, since it's easier and more comfortable to wear.

My beige with green dots open-toe heels.
This completed the classic chic look that I was trying to achieve. :) The heels, I only wore it once during my friend's debut last year.

The black tank top.
My fave tank top! :)

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