Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Don't call me lame.

This outfit is Gaga-inspired, hence the title came from her newest hit "Alejandro". I loathe the video, since it speaks of Anti-Catholicism. But the song never fails to make me feel hyper and upbeat whenever I hear it. Ohwell, 'nuff for the introduction!

My sister attended her friend's debut last summer, and this is what she wore. Since the party's theme is "Old Hollywood", this outfit best suited the event! The classic vintage style of this look made her feel that she was really with classic people. HAHA! I accompanied her, together with my aunt and my boyf as she raid the hundreds of racks of Landmark.

The white tutu dress from Genevieve Gozum.
Love at first sight. Indeed, I fell for this dress the first moment I saw it. It was being hidden by all other multi-colored dresses that GG sells. Since I am a pro when it comes to finding cheap thrills whenever I visit thrift shops, I was able to find this piece. Lucky me? Yes. :)

I was also eyeing for this black corset dress from Just G, but since my sister has a thinner frame than me, the dress was too big for her. Despite the adorable laces, ribbons, and design of the outfit, she didn't buy the item. HMP. That's the time where I experienced a major heartbreak. Too bad, I didn't had the money to buy the dress. Poor me.

The black fascinator.
The outfit won't be complete without this flattering hairdress. It's really cheap, unlike the other fascinators I've seen on magazines, websites and shops. Too bad I wasn't able to capture a close-up shot of this one, maybe next time. :)

The white vintage chained bag.
If you will take a glance of this purse, you will immediately say "Wow, CHANEL!" But it's not. It's just a bag of a random brand, I still don't have an idea where it came from. I just saw this lovable purse around the house, so I got it right away! Finder's keepers. :)

The black bolero.
Since my sister is really conservative, she opted to wear the black bolero. I was really against her decision since the flattery ruffles of this dress will be unnoticed! She still insisted, and there was nothing I could do. When she wore the dress paired with the black bolero, it wasn't that bad after all.

The black stockings and the black gloves.
Gloves and stockings never fail to make an outfit complete, especially when we talk about Old Hollywood. These two are statement accessories, and should always be present when you want to achieve the classic vintage look. :)

The black open-toe booties.
This is one of my favorite pairs of booties. It is super comfortable to wear, and everytime I use this shoes, I feel beautiful and nevertheless, sexy. HAHA! :)

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