Sunday, June 27, 2010

Got to have something to keep us together- LOVE.

I'm loving Train's "If Its Love". My classmates are already irritated with my voice, because I keep on singing the chorus of this song. HAHA! Anyway, this was the outfit I wore during my Lola's 40th day of eternal happiness.

The day was full packed! We went to hear the mass at around 6am, ate a superb breakfast with the fambam, and went to visit her and Lolo at Loyala, Marikina. We headed for San Juan to visit our relatives afterwards. I together with my sister and cousin, had a relaxing afternoon at Index to have a foot spa! My feet deserves a treat after a week of stress due to school shits! When the night fell, all plans were changed. Instead of going home after the SJ visit, we went to Centerstage to celebrate my Uncle's birthday. We were so lucky because we were able to see the PBB housemates! :) (Melai, PJ, Tibo and Jason!)

Jampacked night, it is! :) Good thing I wore a comfty outfit that helped me survive the day!

American Eagle Outfitters Oversized White Top.
From my sister. I so love this oversized top! It makes me feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. :) It's very fashionable and it reminds me of K-pop swagger. :)

The animal-printed tights.
I bought this tights from a bazaar. I go gaga over animal prints right now, and I immediately bought this the moment I saw it. Good thing it was not pricey, and I was still able to save some from my allowance. :)

The black flats with diamond studs.
This is one of my favorite flats! I also bought this one from a bazaar. The only thing that I dislike about this pair is that it is made of felt, which is not advisable to wear during rainy season.

The black beaded necklace.
Given by my mom. I used it as a necklace on this outfit. Sometimes, I use it as a bracelet. Versatile, it is! :)
The black bangles.
Gift from a friend. Perfect for this rocker chic outfit! :)

Some more shots sporting this outfit! :)
Credits to my sister for these adorable shots! :)

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