Sunday, June 27, 2010

Forever Young.

Yes, I wanna be forever young, baby! :)

Got nothing to do today. Had my usual past time, dressing up and photoshoot, with my sister. :)

This outfit is super hippie and reminds me of my childhood days. Yes, I used to wear outfits like this one when I was a kid. HAHA! This look also showed my creativity skills when it comes to mixing and matching clothes. I really hope that someday, I can have the luxury of enrolling on a fashion school, like SOFA. Maybe after having my master's degree. :)

The oversized yellow blouse.
This served as a tunic dress on this outfit because of its huge size. I love the prints of this blouse, some black cartoon drawings and scribbles that makes me feel like a child.

The brown belt.
I decided to wear a belt on this outfit to achieve a more fashionable look. :)
The red sneakers.
Got it from SM department store! All of my friends thought it is a Keds sneaks. But it's not. :) I love how the bloody color gives life to this outfit!
The brown vintage messenger bag.
From a thrift store. Another cheap thrill! I so love its design, and its unique texture.
The beige knitted beanie.
This was made by my Aunt, who is fond of crocheting. She gave this to me when I went to Australia for the WYD'08 celebration. I love its color and the way it was made. Thanks Ta Mila!
The DIY Black Stockings
I cut small holes from my black stockings that I bought last year. Since I won't be needing them, I decided to cut and ripped the stockings to test my creativity skills. I've enjoyed the activity, hence, I was able to cut a lot of holes! HAHA! It was fun, anyway! :)

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