Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jessie Love

Decided to portray Jessie of Toy Story 3 for my fashion shot! :) I love her a bit too much! :)

Brown Cowboy hat
DIY white cropped shirt
Jumper jeans
Brown studded belt
Random beaded necklace
Random brown and silver rings
Hazel Brown Booties

I adore my makeup! Thank you to Carla Hizon of Zone 5! She's awesome!

Opps. A sneak peek of my tights. BV. HAHAHA

Closer shot. :)

Goofing around!

I super love the effects! Over exposed! HAHA!

In black and white.

Yes, I'm almost there! Hello, graduation! :)
When I see your smile.. :)

The broken neck pose. CLOSEST. HAHA.

Thanks to Nikon D40 :) I super love the new lens! :)


With Nicai and Rene. :)

Teenage Dream

I love Katy Perry way too much! And to express my adoration for her, I tried to flaunt her style in my creative shot for our graduation picture. :)

Pink Dress with white polka prints
Pearls in Orange, Bronze, Pink and Purple Colors
Beaded Bracelets in Green, Blue, Pink and Red.
Pink Pearl Earrings
Black lacy gloves
Pink mouse ears head piece
Dork glasses

Behind the scene picture. HAHAHA :)

I wasn't able to show my shoes! I bought this purple pumps with cute ribbon details last week, and I fell in love with it! Next time I wear those pumps, I'll make sure to take a whole body shot of my outfit. HAHAHA. :)

Sorry for the lame shots and editing. HAHA! Can't wait for the official pictures! :)