Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Don't call me lame.

This outfit is Gaga-inspired, hence the title came from her newest hit "Alejandro". I loathe the video, since it speaks of Anti-Catholicism. But the song never fails to make me feel hyper and upbeat whenever I hear it. Ohwell, 'nuff for the introduction!

My sister attended her friend's debut last summer, and this is what she wore. Since the party's theme is "Old Hollywood", this outfit best suited the event! The classic vintage style of this look made her feel that she was really with classic people. HAHA! I accompanied her, together with my aunt and my boyf as she raid the hundreds of racks of Landmark.

The white tutu dress from Genevieve Gozum.
Love at first sight. Indeed, I fell for this dress the first moment I saw it. It was being hidden by all other multi-colored dresses that GG sells. Since I am a pro when it comes to finding cheap thrills whenever I visit thrift shops, I was able to find this piece. Lucky me? Yes. :)

I was also eyeing for this black corset dress from Just G, but since my sister has a thinner frame than me, the dress was too big for her. Despite the adorable laces, ribbons, and design of the outfit, she didn't buy the item. HMP. That's the time where I experienced a major heartbreak. Too bad, I didn't had the money to buy the dress. Poor me.

The black fascinator.
The outfit won't be complete without this flattering hairdress. It's really cheap, unlike the other fascinators I've seen on magazines, websites and shops. Too bad I wasn't able to capture a close-up shot of this one, maybe next time. :)

The white vintage chained bag.
If you will take a glance of this purse, you will immediately say "Wow, CHANEL!" But it's not. It's just a bag of a random brand, I still don't have an idea where it came from. I just saw this lovable purse around the house, so I got it right away! Finder's keepers. :)

The black bolero.
Since my sister is really conservative, she opted to wear the black bolero. I was really against her decision since the flattery ruffles of this dress will be unnoticed! She still insisted, and there was nothing I could do. When she wore the dress paired with the black bolero, it wasn't that bad after all.

The black stockings and the black gloves.
Gloves and stockings never fail to make an outfit complete, especially when we talk about Old Hollywood. These two are statement accessories, and should always be present when you want to achieve the classic vintage look. :)

The black open-toe booties.
This is one of my favorite pairs of booties. It is super comfortable to wear, and everytime I use this shoes, I feel beautiful and nevertheless, sexy. HAHA! :)

Sun-kissed skin so hot will melt your Popsicles.

This outfit reminds me of Katy Perry's "California Gurls". Everytime I hear this song, I feel like it's still summer. This look is super summer-ish. Why? It's simply because of the floral prints! :)

The high-waisted floral shorts.
This shorts was given by my mom. She knows that I'm into high-waisted-everything (shorts, pants, skirts) right now, so she gave this to me. The floral prints of this piece is super eye-catching! I love how the colors stand out from a distance. (e.g. this shot! :)) It's super comfty to wear!
The black belt.
I decided to wear a belt so that it would emphasize the high-waisted-short look. The belt is from a dress given by my sister. This belt is one of my all-around belts; it could be paired with almost everything in my closet! Simple, yet chic. Thus, the statement "less is more" is once again, proven to be true.

The brown strappy sandals.
I've already used this sandals on my previous post (the boho look). And since it's perfect for this outfit, I decided to wear this pair again. Comfty yet fashionable.

The brown glittery tote bag.
This is one of my tote bags! I think it's from my sister, and she bought it from the U.S. It is spacious, and sometimes, I use this bag at school. It makes me feel like a star because of the glitters all over it! :)
The classic white top.
A girl will never be a girl if she doesn't own a plain white top. May it be a spandex, oversized, polo, blouse, or tank top, every girl should at least own one. I love playing with white tops. You can pair it with any bottoms plus a very stylish pair of shoes and a fashionable purse and you're ready to fresh off the runway!
The brown beaded necklace.
My blockmates thought the beads of this necklace are coffee beans. Well, I can't really blame them for it really looks like coffee beans! This necklace is from my lola, I never knew the history of this one. I wasn't able to ask her. The next time we meet, I promise myself I would ask her where on earth did she get this accessory. :)

The random beaded bracelets.
Those are from my aunt, who loves collecting bracelets when she was still young. She gave me all of her accessories, since she's not into using those anymore. I'm so happy, because my collection of bracelets are now overflowing! I need to buy a new box for these trinkets. :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The spotlight ain't nothing without you boy.

And the dance floor ain't nothing without 'ya.

LSS over Gucci's Spotlight. I really like the song, it reminds me of the city lights all over Eastwood. HAHA.

As for my outfit, this is what I wore during our Variety Show entitled" Woot! Woot! (Wiggles on our Toes) that served as our Final Project for Rizal Course last summer. The title was given by my Chinese blockmate. It's quite funny. Well, quite. HAHA!

The asymmetrical glittery gray-ish top.
I bought the top two days before the variety show at a thrift shop near our house. It's super cheap yet it's so fabulous! The glittery design of this dress is something unique, and it makes you stand out! It's also perfect for my frame, and it flatters my shoulders!

The black mini-skirt from Shop-aholic.
Shop-aholic is a random brand from SM department store. This skirt is one my favorite mini-skirts in my closet! It fits me perfectly, and its buttons on the middle creates a very chic effect!

The big gold belt.
I found the belt in my closet, not knowing where it came from. I think it was also from my sister. She sent us lots of goodies from the US last year, and I believe this one was included.

The golden chained necklace with a heart pendant.
This is my favorite accessory ever! I bought this last year, and since then, this piece have been my favorite! It doesn't tarnish, eventhough it's not really made of gold.
The black open-toe booties.
Perfect for bar hopping! Very comfty to wear. The design of this shoes is something unique and eye-drooling. The first time I saw this, my heart skipped. I bought it, even if it emptied my wallet and pockets and ATM as well.

My ABSTRACT dream of becoming a teacher became CONCRETE.

The line came from my blockmate Rene's AVP for our class during the Acquaintance Party of the EHS students. I was so touched by this line, and it made me feel proud that I am already a teacher. Since it's also my first time to have a picture wearing prescription glasses (which really makes me feel like a teaaaacher) I decided to use the line as my title for this blog post today. :)
My every trusty brown vintage sling purse.
One of the cheap thrills I got from a thrift shop near UST. I can't believe that I actually got the bag for only 50 php! And this is one of my all-around bags! I use it whenever I could! :)
The black tank top from Gap.
This plain black tank top is one of my overused tops in my closet. It is indeed versatile, and I can pair it with almost everything! It's also oversized, and it allows me to move freely. Talk about comfortable, eh? :)

The white button-down blouse.
It is actually from my dress which I don't use anymore. The blouse can still be worn, if it would be paired with a cute top and bottoms. So, there. :) Enough said. :)

My DIY acid wash shorts.
My favorite piece at the moment! It was originally a bootleg pants from Express Jeans. Since I don't wear pants that much anymore, I ripped the pants and turned them into this. I so love the final output! It reminds of Vanessa Hudgens and her paparazzi shots all around L.A.

The vintage brown belt with gold studs.
This is the perfect belt for this acid wash shorts. It's really chic and the belt itself spells fashion and swagger.

The classic black sandals.
This sandals was a gift from my exboyf two years ago. The last time I saw this pair was over a year ago, and I totally forgot that I actually own a pair like this! When I cleaned my room last week, I found this pair inside its box, still smelled brand new. And because I only wore it once, I decided to wear it again.

The nerdy glasses from Giordano.
Actually, the glasses are not mine. It's my sisters' and I just borrowed it from her. I really wanted to buy a geeky glasses, but I can't find one. Some of my friends told me they bought theirs at Greenhills. Imma check this out the next time I visit GH. :)

I'm never fond of wearing glasses because it doesn't fit me. Before, I feel old and ugly whenever I wear glasses. Buuuut now, I've realized it wasn't that bad after all.

The random black accessories.
From random shops all over the metro. :)

Got to have something to keep us together- LOVE.

I'm loving Train's "If Its Love". My classmates are already irritated with my voice, because I keep on singing the chorus of this song. HAHA! Anyway, this was the outfit I wore during my Lola's 40th day of eternal happiness.

The day was full packed! We went to hear the mass at around 6am, ate a superb breakfast with the fambam, and went to visit her and Lolo at Loyala, Marikina. We headed for San Juan to visit our relatives afterwards. I together with my sister and cousin, had a relaxing afternoon at Index to have a foot spa! My feet deserves a treat after a week of stress due to school shits! When the night fell, all plans were changed. Instead of going home after the SJ visit, we went to Centerstage to celebrate my Uncle's birthday. We were so lucky because we were able to see the PBB housemates! :) (Melai, PJ, Tibo and Jason!)

Jampacked night, it is! :) Good thing I wore a comfty outfit that helped me survive the day!

American Eagle Outfitters Oversized White Top.
From my sister. I so love this oversized top! It makes me feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. :) It's very fashionable and it reminds me of K-pop swagger. :)

The animal-printed tights.
I bought this tights from a bazaar. I go gaga over animal prints right now, and I immediately bought this the moment I saw it. Good thing it was not pricey, and I was still able to save some from my allowance. :)

The black flats with diamond studs.
This is one of my favorite flats! I also bought this one from a bazaar. The only thing that I dislike about this pair is that it is made of felt, which is not advisable to wear during rainy season.

The black beaded necklace.
Given by my mom. I used it as a necklace on this outfit. Sometimes, I use it as a bracelet. Versatile, it is! :)
The black bangles.
Gift from a friend. Perfect for this rocker chic outfit! :)

Some more shots sporting this outfit! :)
Credits to my sister for these adorable shots! :)

Forever Young.

Yes, I wanna be forever young, baby! :)

Got nothing to do today. Had my usual past time, dressing up and photoshoot, with my sister. :)

This outfit is super hippie and reminds me of my childhood days. Yes, I used to wear outfits like this one when I was a kid. HAHA! This look also showed my creativity skills when it comes to mixing and matching clothes. I really hope that someday, I can have the luxury of enrolling on a fashion school, like SOFA. Maybe after having my master's degree. :)

The oversized yellow blouse.
This served as a tunic dress on this outfit because of its huge size. I love the prints of this blouse, some black cartoon drawings and scribbles that makes me feel like a child.

The brown belt.
I decided to wear a belt on this outfit to achieve a more fashionable look. :)
The red sneakers.
Got it from SM department store! All of my friends thought it is a Keds sneaks. But it's not. :) I love how the bloody color gives life to this outfit!
The brown vintage messenger bag.
From a thrift store. Another cheap thrill! I so love its design, and its unique texture.
The beige knitted beanie.
This was made by my Aunt, who is fond of crocheting. She gave this to me when I went to Australia for the WYD'08 celebration. I love its color and the way it was made. Thanks Ta Mila!
The DIY Black Stockings
I cut small holes from my black stockings that I bought last year. Since I won't be needing them, I decided to cut and ripped the stockings to test my creativity skills. I've enjoyed the activity, hence, I was able to cut a lot of holes! HAHA! It was fun, anyway! :)

Do you remember?

Let's bring it back! :)
Yeah! Bringing back the classic, sassy look.

The beige and black checkered blazer.
From my sister. I love how this piece makes a statement. It makes me feel like an office girl, a chic one of course!
The beige and black knitted purse.
This bag is my sister-in-laws'. It added a chic vibe on my outfit that's why I borrowed it from her.
The basic black leggings.
Got it from a bazaar. I don't use pants anymore. I go for leggings, since it's easier and more comfortable to wear.

My beige with green dots open-toe heels.
This completed the classic chic look that I was trying to achieve. :) The heels, I only wore it once during my friend's debut last year.

The black tank top.
My fave tank top! :)