Sunday, June 27, 2010

My ABSTRACT dream of becoming a teacher became CONCRETE.

The line came from my blockmate Rene's AVP for our class during the Acquaintance Party of the EHS students. I was so touched by this line, and it made me feel proud that I am already a teacher. Since it's also my first time to have a picture wearing prescription glasses (which really makes me feel like a teaaaacher) I decided to use the line as my title for this blog post today. :)
My every trusty brown vintage sling purse.
One of the cheap thrills I got from a thrift shop near UST. I can't believe that I actually got the bag for only 50 php! And this is one of my all-around bags! I use it whenever I could! :)
The black tank top from Gap.
This plain black tank top is one of my overused tops in my closet. It is indeed versatile, and I can pair it with almost everything! It's also oversized, and it allows me to move freely. Talk about comfortable, eh? :)

The white button-down blouse.
It is actually from my dress which I don't use anymore. The blouse can still be worn, if it would be paired with a cute top and bottoms. So, there. :) Enough said. :)

My DIY acid wash shorts.
My favorite piece at the moment! It was originally a bootleg pants from Express Jeans. Since I don't wear pants that much anymore, I ripped the pants and turned them into this. I so love the final output! It reminds of Vanessa Hudgens and her paparazzi shots all around L.A.

The vintage brown belt with gold studs.
This is the perfect belt for this acid wash shorts. It's really chic and the belt itself spells fashion and swagger.

The classic black sandals.
This sandals was a gift from my exboyf two years ago. The last time I saw this pair was over a year ago, and I totally forgot that I actually own a pair like this! When I cleaned my room last week, I found this pair inside its box, still smelled brand new. And because I only wore it once, I decided to wear it again.

The nerdy glasses from Giordano.
Actually, the glasses are not mine. It's my sisters' and I just borrowed it from her. I really wanted to buy a geeky glasses, but I can't find one. Some of my friends told me they bought theirs at Greenhills. Imma check this out the next time I visit GH. :)

I'm never fond of wearing glasses because it doesn't fit me. Before, I feel old and ugly whenever I wear glasses. Buuuut now, I've realized it wasn't that bad after all.

The random black accessories.
From random shops all over the metro. :)

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