Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sun-kissed skin so hot will melt your Popsicles.

This outfit reminds me of Katy Perry's "California Gurls". Everytime I hear this song, I feel like it's still summer. This look is super summer-ish. Why? It's simply because of the floral prints! :)

The high-waisted floral shorts.
This shorts was given by my mom. She knows that I'm into high-waisted-everything (shorts, pants, skirts) right now, so she gave this to me. The floral prints of this piece is super eye-catching! I love how the colors stand out from a distance. (e.g. this shot! :)) It's super comfty to wear!
The black belt.
I decided to wear a belt so that it would emphasize the high-waisted-short look. The belt is from a dress given by my sister. This belt is one of my all-around belts; it could be paired with almost everything in my closet! Simple, yet chic. Thus, the statement "less is more" is once again, proven to be true.

The brown strappy sandals.
I've already used this sandals on my previous post (the boho look). And since it's perfect for this outfit, I decided to wear this pair again. Comfty yet fashionable.

The brown glittery tote bag.
This is one of my tote bags! I think it's from my sister, and she bought it from the U.S. It is spacious, and sometimes, I use this bag at school. It makes me feel like a star because of the glitters all over it! :)
The classic white top.
A girl will never be a girl if she doesn't own a plain white top. May it be a spandex, oversized, polo, blouse, or tank top, every girl should at least own one. I love playing with white tops. You can pair it with any bottoms plus a very stylish pair of shoes and a fashionable purse and you're ready to fresh off the runway!
The brown beaded necklace.
My blockmates thought the beads of this necklace are coffee beans. Well, I can't really blame them for it really looks like coffee beans! This necklace is from my lola, I never knew the history of this one. I wasn't able to ask her. The next time we meet, I promise myself I would ask her where on earth did she get this accessory. :)

The random beaded bracelets.
Those are from my aunt, who loves collecting bracelets when she was still young. She gave me all of her accessories, since she's not into using those anymore. I'm so happy, because my collection of bracelets are now overflowing! I need to buy a new box for these trinkets. :)

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