Sunday, June 27, 2010

The spotlight ain't nothing without you boy.

And the dance floor ain't nothing without 'ya.

LSS over Gucci's Spotlight. I really like the song, it reminds me of the city lights all over Eastwood. HAHA.

As for my outfit, this is what I wore during our Variety Show entitled" Woot! Woot! (Wiggles on our Toes) that served as our Final Project for Rizal Course last summer. The title was given by my Chinese blockmate. It's quite funny. Well, quite. HAHA!

The asymmetrical glittery gray-ish top.
I bought the top two days before the variety show at a thrift shop near our house. It's super cheap yet it's so fabulous! The glittery design of this dress is something unique, and it makes you stand out! It's also perfect for my frame, and it flatters my shoulders!

The black mini-skirt from Shop-aholic.
Shop-aholic is a random brand from SM department store. This skirt is one my favorite mini-skirts in my closet! It fits me perfectly, and its buttons on the middle creates a very chic effect!

The big gold belt.
I found the belt in my closet, not knowing where it came from. I think it was also from my sister. She sent us lots of goodies from the US last year, and I believe this one was included.

The golden chained necklace with a heart pendant.
This is my favorite accessory ever! I bought this last year, and since then, this piece have been my favorite! It doesn't tarnish, eventhough it's not really made of gold.
The black open-toe booties.
Perfect for bar hopping! Very comfty to wear. The design of this shoes is something unique and eye-drooling. The first time I saw this, my heart skipped. I bought it, even if it emptied my wallet and pockets and ATM as well.

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