Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jessie Love

Decided to portray Jessie of Toy Story 3 for my fashion shot! :) I love her a bit too much! :)

Brown Cowboy hat
DIY white cropped shirt
Jumper jeans
Brown studded belt
Random beaded necklace
Random brown and silver rings
Hazel Brown Booties

I adore my makeup! Thank you to Carla Hizon of Zone 5! She's awesome!

Opps. A sneak peek of my tights. BV. HAHAHA

Closer shot. :)

Goofing around!

I super love the effects! Over exposed! HAHA!

In black and white.

Yes, I'm almost there! Hello, graduation! :)
When I see your smile.. :)

The broken neck pose. CLOSEST. HAHA.

Thanks to Nikon D40 :) I super love the new lens! :)


With Nicai and Rene. :)

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  1. Hello there! I've read some of your post and just when I saw this I remembered Carla Hizon and I agree that she is a really great stylist! Do you have her number? I would really love it if she will be my forever stylist:) Thank you :)