Thursday, May 27, 2010

We built this on a SOLID ROCK.

Had our photoshoot for the STAUST (Student-Teacher Association of the University of Sto. Tomas) last Monday! I'm so proud to be chosen as the representative of the English Majors. :)

Excuse me for the title, but this was the song that came rushing into the empty space of my mind when I first saw this shot. Obviously, it's because of the huge rock that I was sitting on. HAHA!

Setting: UST, Lover's Lane

(C) Pauline Alvarez :)

Here are some shots from the shoot with my pretty blockmates! :) Hellyeah! :)) HAHA! :)

Alyssa, Joana, Meir, Pau and I

Pau, Alyssa, Meir and I

Alyssa, Meir, Pau and I ii :)

With Patrice, the STAUST P.R.O

I would like to commend Phil's friend from CFAD who became our photographer that day. I'll post some shots that he did as soon as he uploads it! :) He did great! :)

I enjoyed the day with them, really! :)
I hope we could do this again next time. :)

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