Thursday, May 27, 2010

Still STUCK in the MOMENT with YOU.

I wish we have another time.
I wish we have another space.

I'm stuck in the moment with you. :)

Gaaaahd. I'm having an LSS over a Beiber's song. Okay, fine. I admit it. I'm jologs. HAHAHA! :)

So, here's the outfit I wore to school today. :)) Bohemian inspired. Yeah.

Brown dress, randomly found in Hongkong.
Earthly brown.
Ethnic Prints.
Lace Details.

SO FAB! Brown Strappy Gladiator Sandals

Bausch and Lomb Ray-Ban USA

54-year-old White Vintage Purse from my Lola's closet :)
*I miss her. SO MUCH. *

Rainbow bangles! My fave piece as of now. Perfect for summer!

Random brown and Gold accessories!

Good thing the weather wasn't that bad today. Thank God for a very cloudy day! :) YAY! :)

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