Thursday, May 27, 2010

You know you love me, I know you care.

What's happening to me?
I'm currently into Beiber. Okay, fineee.
I don't expect you to agree with me on this part. HAHA!

Setting: Kuya's place
Credits: Kuya :)

Giordano black and white checkered high-waisted shorts.

Random brand royal blue top.

White with blue lace flats.

Black thin belt.

Vintage brown sling purse.

YRYS dog tag.

Kuya's Lancer boxtype vintage car. :)

Spending the afternoon with my Kuya's a big thumbs up! :)

I feel the angels cry.

We were so good together
How come we could not weather
This storm and just do better
Why do we say goodbye?

'Cause lightning don't strike
The same place twice
When you and I said goodbye
I feel the angels cry.

This post is inspired by Mariah and Neyo's Angels Cry. :)
The third photo below created an angelic effect that made me remember this song.

Credits to: My Kuya! :)

Blue top from Forever 21.
Roxy pink skirt.

Random Brand Black flats with ribbon details.

Chained necklace with mirror pendant.

Brown beaded necklace from Grandma.

Pink Scarf.

There's something 'bout BOOTS and BOYS.

My post is inspired by Ke$ha's "Boots and Boys". Hail to the queen of night life! :)

Setting: Humble Abode :)
Credits to: Allan Abella (my brother)

Hazel Brown Booties.
My fave pair of boots as of the moment.
The lace details beside it is something irresistible! :)

Red top from Gap.
I love its bloody color. HAHA!

Black and White Striped Boyfriend Shirt. A must-have.
(Even if the Philippine heat is super duper unbearable!)

DIY Anchor blue jeans. I ripped it, yes.

Brown and black sling purse from Esprit. Vintage, it is.

Chanel Gold with black strap watch.

Ray-Ban Aviators.

Boots are waaay better than boys. :)
JK. :)

Still STUCK in the MOMENT with YOU.

I wish we have another time.
I wish we have another space.

I'm stuck in the moment with you. :)

Gaaaahd. I'm having an LSS over a Beiber's song. Okay, fine. I admit it. I'm jologs. HAHAHA! :)

So, here's the outfit I wore to school today. :)) Bohemian inspired. Yeah.

Brown dress, randomly found in Hongkong.
Earthly brown.
Ethnic Prints.
Lace Details.

SO FAB! Brown Strappy Gladiator Sandals

Bausch and Lomb Ray-Ban USA

54-year-old White Vintage Purse from my Lola's closet :)
*I miss her. SO MUCH. *

Rainbow bangles! My fave piece as of now. Perfect for summer!

Random brown and Gold accessories!

Good thing the weather wasn't that bad today. Thank God for a very cloudy day! :) YAY! :)

We built this on a SOLID ROCK.

Had our photoshoot for the STAUST (Student-Teacher Association of the University of Sto. Tomas) last Monday! I'm so proud to be chosen as the representative of the English Majors. :)

Excuse me for the title, but this was the song that came rushing into the empty space of my mind when I first saw this shot. Obviously, it's because of the huge rock that I was sitting on. HAHA!

Setting: UST, Lover's Lane

(C) Pauline Alvarez :)

Here are some shots from the shoot with my pretty blockmates! :) Hellyeah! :)) HAHA! :)

Alyssa, Joana, Meir, Pau and I

Pau, Alyssa, Meir and I

Alyssa, Meir, Pau and I ii :)

With Patrice, the STAUST P.R.O

I would like to commend Phil's friend from CFAD who became our photographer that day. I'll post some shots that he did as soon as he uploads it! :) He did great! :)

I enjoyed the day with them, really! :)
I hope we could do this again next time. :)